Paytient Health Savings Account

Paytient Health Savings Account is an innovative product from Darestreet Financial Consult Ltd. Paytient HSA helps individuals to be prepared for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as Medical Checkups, Lab Tests and Scan, Medications, Hospital Care, Dental Care, Eye Care, Physiotherapy, Prosthetics and cost of Medical Devices. For more information on individual, family and employer packages call /WhatsApp our hotline: +233 205336047


PROJECT FINANCING Darestreet to Sponsor the Creation of Biotech & Medical Park in Ghana: Darestreet Financial Consult Limited is sponsoring the creation and development of a Biotech/Medical Park in Ghana, West Africa.

This new being sponsored by the Darestreet seeks to provide the critical infrastructure and innovation environment for promoting the development of a robust bioeconomy in Ghana and the West African Sub-region. This is in recognition that the biotechnology sector is one of the fastest growing knowledge-based sectors in the world, owing to its potential to help revolutionize areas of industry such as healthcare, STEM education and sustainability.

As project Sponsors, Darestreet’s role will entail preparing a detailed business plan with detailed financial projections , project construction budget and project feasibility study for the park. The development is to be built on a 2000+acre site and financed through a project financing (debt and equity structure) and public-private-partnership agreement. It is envisaged that the park will be world class with high-specification research and development facilities to catalyze a biotechnology industry in West Africa . It is also viewed that the park will stimulate employment opportunities for biomedical and entrepreneurial professionals and attract leading local, national and international investors and biotech companies to the area.