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Providing Strategic Assistance in Raising Funds through Sponsorships, Scholarships, Grants, Crowdfunding, Loans, Trade Credits, Private Equity, MSMEs Schemes, PPPs, Project Financing , Property Financing, Rent & Pay, Drive & Pay, Exim, Exypoint. We offer Backend Support through  Business Plan, Proposal, Pitchdeck Financial Statements.

Our Strategy

Darestreet’s  unique strategy combines early-stage investments in promising startups and strong entrepreneurial support to enable and strengthen the company’s growth. Darestreet aspires to be a  VC firm with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, specialized in early-stage investment in the most promising life sciences startups in West Africa .

Our Team

The operational team is managed by David Amoako(MSc/MBA), chairman, and Philipa Minta, managing partner; it includes seasoned investment advisory boardwith long-standing track records in entrepreneurial ventures, combined with strong scientific and medical expertise.

Paytient Health Savings Account

Paytient Health Savings Account is an innovative product from Darestreet Financial Consult Ltd. Paytient HSA helps individuals to be prepared for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as Medical Checkups, Lab Tests and Scan, Medications, Hospital Care, Dental Care, Eye Care, Physiotherapy, Prosthetics and cost of Medical Devices. For more information on individual, family and employer packages call /WhatsApp our hotline: +233 205336047

Darestreet Project Financing

PROJECT FINANCING Darestreet to Sponsor the Creation of Biotech & Medical Park in Ghana: Darestreet Financial Consult Limited is sponsoring the creation and development of a Biotech/Medical Park in Ghana, West Africa.

This new being sponsored by the Darestreet seeks to provide the critical infrastructure and innovation environment for promoting the development of a robust bioeconomy in Ghana and the West African Sub-region. This is in recognition that the biotechnology sector is one of the fastest growing knowledge-based sectors in the world, owing to its potential to help revolutionize areas of industry such as healthcare, STEM education and sustainability.

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Darestreet Meets 5 of the 17 UN Sustainable
Development Goals

At Darestreet, we invest in breakthrough products and technologies to fight debilitating and rare diseases, stop the outbreak of infectious diseases, fight cancer and make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

Good Health & Well-Being

We push the boundaries of science and technology to support our startupsto develop medicines to help people live longer and healthier lives, to produce vaccines to prevent and contain pandemics, to detect and diagnose conditions sooner We are working to deliver high-impacthealth technologies to countries across the globe to reduce inequities in standards of care

Gender Equality

We promote gender equality in all our portfolio startups and their leadership: more than 50% of our companies’ C-level or scientific founders are women

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Economic impact is also measured by job creation: our portfolio companies have directly created more than 70 jobs We support entrepreneurship and provide mentorship to our companies’ management teams: more than 50% of our CEOs are first time CEOs

Sectors We Serve

  • Drugs and Vaccines
  • Natural Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Digital Health
  • Diagnostics
  • Veterinary
  • Food/Aqua
  • Environment
  • Biomaterials/Biofuel
  • STEM Education