About Us

Our Strategy

Darestreet’s  unique strategy combines early-stage investments in promising startups and strong entrepreneurial support to enable and strengthen the company’s growth. Darestreet aspires to be a  VC firm with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, specialized in early-stage investment in the most promising life sciences startups in West Africa .

The Executive Management Team

The operational team is managed by David Amoako(MSc/MBA), chairman, and Philipa Minta, managing partner; it includes seasoned investment advisory boardwith long-standing track records in entrepreneurial ventures, combined with strong scientific and medical expertise.

David Amoako (MSc/MBA)

Executive Chairman

Philipa Minta

Internal Auditor & Managing Partner

Our Work and Ethics

We are driven by core values anchored in human-led relations. These guide us every day to scout, build and develop the most inspiring life sciences startups from the very early-stages: 


Darestreet partners pro-actively sources disruptive healthcare innovations that have the potential to change standards of care for patients. We identify promising technologies or products coming from academia and we help the scientists to transform their research into viable entrepreneurial ventures. We also select promising early-stage start-ups based on their innovation potential.


Darestreet selects the most promising entrepreneurs and work closely with them to build innovative, competitive, market-oriented and cost-efficient startups. We also co-found companies together with scientific founders, provide initial funding and build successful management teams, including acting as interim CEO, if needed.


Darestreet provides its hands-on expertise to its portfolio companies, as well as its financial resources and network to support the executive team in their startup development. Thanks to our market understanding, we can assist our startups in defining development plans and R&D strategy, building commercial visibility and ensuring the company’s growth at every stage. We are committed to our startups and their innovative projects, collaborating towards a common goal: helping each company develop, expand and thrive to become tomorrow’s innovation in healthcare